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5 Key Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Churces

By Admin

Every church app is unique. But churches tend to use them for the same handful of benefits. A good church website can also provide most of these benefits, but no other solution can match the accessibility of an app—one tap takes people to everything they need, and apps have unique features that drive engagement.

Here are 5 Key Benefits of a Mobile App for your church;

1. Increased church giving Gifts given through a mobile app are higher on average than other online giving methods.

The average gift size through mobile app is about $176 and churches normally see at least a 5% increase in gifts within the first year alone.

Every year, fewer and fewer people carry cash and checks. But many churches still rely on passing the offering basket to make ends meet. As trustworthy as your ushers are, most people just aren’t comfortable passing around their credit card or bank account information.

Church apps provide a simple, secure way to give via credit/debit card.

With an In-App giving option, a first-time giver can donate to your church in seconds, and they can save their information to give even faster next time.

50% of churches see a 75 percent increase in recurring giving within their first year—which means a lot more giving happens automatically.

Even when churches have already used another digital giving solution, switching to a church app increases giving.

Plus, a church app saves so much time for staff members who have to sort through all the cash and checks every weekend, and it speeds up the year-end tax process (if any). The time your church’s financial team saves and the increase in giving can make the app more than pay for itself.

2. Increased communication with your members

One of the problems churches often experience is digital drift. Between social media, email, and your church website, it’s easy for digital communication to become disorganized and unwieldy. People only get bits and pieces of information unless they follow and subscribe to every communication channel you have.

A church app centralizes and streamlines your digital conversation. With a church app, people have a singular place to learn about events, prayer requests, and other pertinent information.

And unlike the information on your website, your app isn’t static. Your congregation can share their own prayer requests, reserve their places at events, and interact with your content in other ways. A church website is a library of information. A church app is more like a community.

You might think that if your website has blog posts, devotionals, sermons, videos, or social media, that meets your church’s digital communication needs. But an app provides more convenient access to that content than a website.

When people leave their homes, they bring three things: Their wallet, their keys, and their phone (soon the phone will negate the other two). The fact that people have their phone with them wherever they are means that throughout their day, they have more opportunities to catch up on the sermons that they’ve missed. This will help them get beyond a Sunday-only mentality and encourage them to stay engaged all week long.

3. Greater reach for your ministry

Apps don’t just increase your engagement with your congregation. A mobile app can make your church accessible to people outside your church, too.

Here are just a few types of people an app equips you to engage;

  • Lost Sheeps,People who don’t know Jesus
  • People looking for a new church
  • People who can’t get to church
  • People who move away
  • People who are serving as missionaries

4. Elevated visibility

On the internet, your website is out of sight and out of mind. Unless people need to visit it for a specific reason or stumble upon it in a Google search, there’s no reason for them to think about it. When they do want to visit your site, they need to remember the URL, bookmark it, or search for it. That’s not the case with an app.

Your church app lives on people’s phones, and it will stand out. Even if it doesn’t get a coveted place on someone’s home screen, it’s still visible every time they search their apps, offering quick, one-click accessibility to your church’s information and content. Not to mention, push notifications mean people don’t have to open your app before you can interact with them.

5. Better Insight and data

Data plays a vital role in helping churches make informed decisions. But without an app, that data is often limited to broad giving trends and a smattering of demographic information. When you have to manually upload data, it’s hard to organize it in a useful way.

The more advanced insights you want, the more time it takes the person creating your spreadsheets. There’s also a lot of data you’re simply not going to collect. A church app automatically collects and organizes data about how people interact with your app, which helps you choose the best ways to engage your congregation.